Az Prop 207 Legalize Pot

While I am not against individual use of marijuana either for recreational and medical purposes, I am opposed to allowing without proper oversight and implementation.

Testing of people who are high. Is there a way to administer testing easily and accurately for law enforcement? Seems the answer here is no. Only accurate test is urine and blood test. Any time a person is suspected of driving while high, will remove that officer from the field for hours. This will lead to all sorts of issues, a person is involved in a car accident and doesn’t seem to be in full control of themselves. A breathalyzer can be performed for alcohol, what about marijuana?

Dispensaries, where can it be sold? Always it covers neighborhoods and schools. What about places where established businesses are thriving. Yes I am going into stereotyping here, because I have seen this first hand. Your local shopping center where family type businesses operate. Now you have people driving high through that parking lot. A person doesn’t have enough money on them to purchase and sexual favors offered and performed in the parking lot, and of course straightforward pandering. This is an issue, because my wife lost a thriving business in California, where all these above instances occurred. Her customers where involved in accidents in parking lot, another was a 17 year old boy who accepted sexual favor for $50.00, mind you unprotected. Plenty of people being accosted by strangers with promises of paying them back.

Doesn’t all this sound like a place you would frequent?

I don’t read anything in the Proposition 207 that will cover and protect everyday people. Without proper controls, my opinion would be to request the authors cover the adverse impact everyday people, communities and established businesses.