Fair and Free Elections

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Why is this such a hot point and divides people? Wouldn’t common sense dictate we only allow American citizens the right to vote.

Think we can all agree, a person is allowed one vote, in their registered area.

Next counting votes, all voting precincts must count legitimate votes per candidate and report to the state. The states must report and post how many registered voters per precinct and the number of votes per candidate. If a machine is used to expedite counting, a physical count must be performed, to ensure accuracy. This would make it very easy to understand if the grand total numbers are a result of actual votes with no machine or software errors. Current audit standards are controlled by states and most only do no more than 2% of precincts, which should be called a sampling, not an audit. NCSL website on audits, https://www.ncsl.org/research/elections-and-campaigns/post-election-audits635926066.aspx

Only votes received day of, or prior to election day can be counted. As responsible adults, this can be accomplished.

Observers for each party on the ballot, must be allowed to witness in detail, any action a poll worker is performing. Correcting ballots, not allowed. Once again, voting should be performed by responsible adults.

No counts released until all precincts in that state verify they are ready to release their counts.

Precincts should recount the paper ballots, standard audit process, with observers. At the polling place each person should sign a paper ballot that is used for counting/auditing. Allows signature verification if there is an issue. The precinct audit then verifies the actual local counts. Instead of the ballots moving to central location, why cannot the auditors move from precinct to precinct? Lock ballots up with seals to eliminate tampering.

Seems the current method of collecting and counting ballots is a poor design, with no real clear audit trails. Until this system is fixed, there will always be cries of cheating and only an impetus for division. This may not be an end all solution, but if this is the basis, with improvements, we can ensure honest and fair elections.

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