California Eliminates College Entrance Standards

While I understand the need to level the playing field for all high school students to enter a higher level of education, but eliminating entrance standards and making it subjective seems counterproductive to the mission of the institution.

I am referring to this

Wouldn’t it be more helpful to set goals for these students and fix the current system that is letting them down. It’s not like this a new problem, the educational system has been letting students down for years, with the aid parents who don’t give a hoot and demographics where education isn’t stressed.

Considering California Budgeted almost $18,000.00 per K – 12 Student. National numbers per census bureau.

Maybe instead of being progressive, let’s actual change the curriculum to useful skills to change the never ending cycle.

Death of Women’s Sports

Title IX, makes it clear that “Women” sports are educational. But wait, if there is no such thing as female, ie a woman, what happens?. History looks at Title IX,

If everyone on the left is chastising others over questioning a Chief Justice, regarding gender and definition, obviously they haven’t thought out the implications. If there isn’t a woman, then there doesn’t need to be fair and equal, because there isn’t a distinction.

Schools will not need to conform to Title IX, keeping their Federal funding and not risk lawsuits. Schools are looking to make cutbacks. There will be non-gender specific teams, anyone can try out. The schools that can afford to keep equal but separate sports programs, will not be in depressed areas.

What about the state level, where they are begging for a way to avoid the transgender and sports issues.

Sorry, not everyone will get a trophy.

Apply Border Policy to Colleges

What if we applied current administration border policies to colleges? Imagine, unregistered students being able to attend classes for free.

Then because they unregistered students need assistance, they are given degrees to help them out. While those who followed the rules, applied for admission, paid their credit hours fees, had to purchase their books, and ultimately had to pass the course.

Then because there is only so much space, the unregistered get to plop their butts in a seat while some of the paying students cannot get into the classroom to attend, take notes and learn. Making it very difficult to pass the course.

How long before paying students quit going to college. Who then pays to keep the schools afloat? What happens to the quality of education, because it won’t matter, they all pass.

How will our businesses succeed using these people? They will look elsewhere for ways to make themselves viable.

Something to think about, a policy that is well intended, yet not viable, is doomed and becomes a virus infecting other parts of the country.

Influenza Deaths Dropped Dramatically

As I was looking through CDC Covid and Flu numbers, something popped out, in 2017 there were 52,000 Flu Deaths and in 2021 a mere 1,073. Appears CDC is not updating this chart any more, but I found the Influenza deaths mixed in with the Covid deaths. Below is how CDC reported Influenza, up until 2020. Why did CDC stop updating the Influenza Charts?
Recapping the Deaths by year

When I looked at Covid Deaths by Year, very surprised by the Influenza Death Column. In 2020, count went down to 8,785 deaths and in 2021 only 1,073. If you think it’s the flu shot, please refer to CDC stance, Flu is virus and cannot be cured, except by Natural Immunity.

Curiosity drove me to look at Covid Deaths and Influenza combined. If you actually read the CDC numbers, they report Covid deaths as a whole of Underlying and Contributing. Simplified, Underlying is not the cause and according to CDC definition, a covid test doesn’t have to be performed, but the appearance of covid, allows death certificate to be coded with covid as underlying. Why would a doctor do this? Research government reimbursement for covid deaths.

Back to the point, if you review Influenza Deaths, combined with Covid deaths adjusted for contributing factor, the numbers are lower than 2017 flu deaths. For 2020 & 2021, taking 10% of 385,484 and 461,112 respectively and displayed in yellow.

Why isn’t this news? Why does the CDC and Media report cases, ie being sick. Why isn’t the Contributing factor death count, reported separately from all causes? Why can’t I find covid deaths coded and separated by vaccinated and not?

This is why many people are skeptical.