Covid Deaths School Age Kids

With all the talk about masking and making kids get the vaccine, I decided to check the CDC website and review deaths by age group. Surprise, as of today, July 24 2021, there have been 401 deaths for 0 to 18 years. 401 deaths since January 2020, that is about a 1.5 years.

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Yes, 401 deaths in 17 months. I am NOT making light of deaths, but 401 out of approximately 74 Million? That’s 0.00005%.

Why does the media and CDC keep reporting accumulative numbers versus annual or seasonal numbers? That is how they usually report illness and deaths. Also, why do they include “underlying” conditions whereas the norm is reporting “contributing”. Overall deaths now becomes very hazzy when CDC labels 10% of the reported deaths Covid contributed to the death.

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Now if you look at Influenza illness and deaths, flu season for 2018 – 2019 there were 34,000 reported deaths. Compare 1st year of Covid “contributing” deaths would be 38,500. Even more interesting, there were 61,000 deaths from influenza in 2017-2018. Did we lockdown or make masks mandatory?

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Let’s dive deeper into Influenza history, CDC is reporting for calendar year 2021, Influenza deaths at 408. That’s all age groups. For 2020, influenza deaths down to 8,790.

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Appears “Mandatory” masks and vaccine and passports isn’t necessary. Our young may actually have the answer to beating this variant, or maybe our natural ability to build antibodies will prevail again.

So do some research and make up your own mind when it comes to #Covid , #Covid19, #Vaccine. Not sure why this isn’t being presented to the public. What you say #foxnews, #ABCnews, #NBCnews, #CBSnews. I know why #CNN and #MSNBC won’t report, they are afraid their business will die when people think for themselves.

Fair and Free Elections

Why is this such a hot point and divides people? Wouldn’t common sense dictate we only allow American citizens the right to vote.

Think we can all agree, a person is allowed one vote, in their registered area.

Next counting votes, all voting precincts must count legitimate votes per candidate and report to the state. The states must report and post how many registered voters per precinct and the number of votes per candidate. If a machine is used to expedite counting, a physical count must be performed, to ensure accuracy. This would make it very easy to understand if the grand total numbers are a result of actual votes with no machine or software errors. Current audit standards are controlled by states and most only do no more than 2% of precincts, which should be called a sampling, not an audit. NCSL website on audits,

Only votes received day of, or prior to election day can be counted. As responsible adults, this can be accomplished.

Observers for each party on the ballot, must be allowed to witness in detail, any action a poll worker is performing. Correcting ballots, not allowed. Once again, voting should be performed by responsible adults.

No counts released until all precincts in that state verify they are ready to release their counts.

Precincts should recount the paper ballots, standard audit process, with observers. At the polling place each person should sign a paper ballot that is used for counting/auditing. Allows signature verification if there is an issue. The precinct audit then verifies the actual local counts. Instead of the ballots moving to central location, why cannot the auditors move from precinct to precinct? Lock ballots up with seals to eliminate tampering.

Seems the current method of collecting and counting ballots is a poor design, with no real clear audit trails. Until this system is fixed, there will always be cries of cheating and only an impetus for division. This may not be an end all solution, but if this is the basis, with improvements, we can ensure honest and fair elections.

Covid Deaths

The numbers are staggering, or are they? Today the numbers of deaths shown as 478,912. Wow !! But wait, read the description. 91% estimated having an underlying cause of Covid. So, these deaths tested positive with Covid when death occurred. Now consider that a positive test only proves “most likely” you have Covid. Yes, both sides of the argument can find supporting documents, so always read with a critical mind, not one of looking to win an argument. Examples below, bottom of page. What is underlying? We’ve all heard stories of people dying and tested positive for covid, so it’s a covid death. Falling off a ladder, car crash and waiting for a transplant coded as covid deaths.

This graphic from CDC website, , numbers reported as 0f Feb 20. What caught my eye, 9% listed with covid as contributing cause of death.

Calculate 9% of 478,912 = 43,102. Still a big number, and close to Influenza in prior years. CDC website, guidance for reporting numbers, scroll to the part about cause of death and covid 19. My interpretation is, 9% as the overarching number of covid deaths, officially.

Also on the Covid Mortality Overview, scroll down to the Comorbidities and review the numbers reported by type. Influenza and Pneumonia is #1. But what came first, covid or pneumonia? That would be huge to know.

Death Rate is roughly .0179% of all cases as of today’s data released. So why does the media hype the numbers of people getting sick?

Why are Influenza numbers way down? Open this CDC page and review the seasonal flu cases. Make sure you change the slider above graphs to compare the year to date equally.

Influenza Deaths according to CDC for season 2018-2019 was 34,157. CDC website Flu Season numbers start in October.

CDC stance on Flu activity “While seasonal influenza (flu) viruses are detected year-round in the United States, flu viruses are most common during the fall and winter. The exact timing and duration of flu seasons can vary, but influenza activity often begins to increase in October. Most of the time flu activity peaks between December and February, although activity can last as late as May.”

Is this the Flu or something else? In the beginning, we were told this is a form of Influenza, but much more deadly. Seems to following that initial description as to type. What is the REAL death rate? Herein lies real question and obviously, depending on your viewpoint, it is much deadlier, basically half a million reported or slightly more than Influenza or the same if you want to only count causal and not include bonehead moves by some governors, putting sick people in nursing homes.

Wish they would publish the number of deaths caused by covid hype and shutdowns. Too many stories of deaths while waiting for transplants and deaths caused because people couldn’t get treatments, such dialysis.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and that should be respected. This is how I am looking at the all hype and see it. Maybe you agree or disagree, but please be critical of the media hype and be diligent on how and who you accept information from, including me, nobody as all the answers. Collectively, though, we may see through the BS.

Examples of supporting Covid Testing accuracy. All depends on your opinion and open mindedness as to how you interpret the articles.

Lady Gaga dogs Stolen

How tragic, that someone shot the dog walker. In her grief she is offering $500,000.00 for the return of the dogs. Oh, by the way ZERO Dollars for information on who shot the dog walker. Tells what she thinks of others.

Bet she gets an armed guard for the dogs, and makes the dog walker sign a release of liability.


Trump’s New Reality Show

Donald Trump will be releasing details of his new reality show, Baron’s Whitehouse.

With all the commotion of changing administrations, few noticed that Donald and Melania boarded Air Force 1 without Baron. Embracing the idea of the Home Alone series, Baron is staying behind, but wired for sound and cameras.

Resources speaking off the record have leaked for Baron to convince Joe, he is Joe’s son, another episode, yelling to get a doctor, causing secret service to frantically locate Jill Biden. Also unconfirmed, Baron walks into Oval office during a meeting with a special chocolate & vanilla ice cream for Joe.


Senate and Congress Reform

Term Limits – If the past 2 years haven’t made a case for term limits, consider the precedent has been set, where the career politicians will do anything to sway the populace for voting their party back into power, versus what is right. No matter who wins the next election, be prepared for more of this nightmare. The 2 party system is governing us, not the other way as it was intended. When politicians snub working for us, instead of making things better for their constituents.

Live in District – This really is no brainer. If the representative does not live in the district, how can they know what is actually happening.

Politicians Lying – We must request that members of Congress be held to the same level of truth that is expected of people testifying before them. Double standards should not be acceptable. How many people believed Schiff, claiming that he has seen “more than circumstantial evidence” of a Trump-Putin conspiracy. He didn’t, yet people still believe he does. Just a single example, no time to list all the lies in the past year by politicians, both parties are guilty.

Campaign Contributions – Everyone complains that companies are buying politicians, but what about the rich? Tired of all the campaign commercials full of half truth. How about we stop any campaign funds from companies, corporations and superpacs. Make campaign contributions only legal from U.S. citizens and limit the total amount. This should include comps and perks. Take away any financial gains that gives a candidate an unnatural advantage.

Bill be own Merit or Subject Matter – Tired of campaign ads full of half truths or Bills full of bloat? Why couldn’t politicians vote on a straight forward stimulus package for people without including millions for state bailouts. Want to make your representative accountable without excuses, this would remove the grey area.

Poll Constituents – Start building web sites and apps for representative area which give you a visible accountability in your area or district. You register with your physical mailing address. A post card is then sent to that address with a code and no other registration information, user name and password. You then sign into the web site and enter the annual verification code. When a Bill is introduced, you receive notification to give your input., After your input, you can see how you and all others in your district feel and voted. This isn’t an official vote, but if you know there 500,00 people in your district, 315,00 use the app, and 200,000 of you gave an opinion and mostly voted for or against, some semblance of direction can be surmised. While not perfect, daily activities is no longer a dark hole.

We really need to get our country back. Each of these steps would be a positive in getting the fundamentals envisioned by our founders. While our country has never been perfect, but let’s never stop trying to get there.

Mail In Voting for All

Mail in voting appears to be heading towards populace implementation, but just one’s persons’ ideas.

Keep the fill in the dot, this can be automatically read, no human intervention, “MOST” of the time.

Make each Ballot fold-able, where the voter signs, this way each ballot cannot be substituted, to help prevent fraud. Make sure the signature is on outside for verification, without opening the ballot, keeping the ballot secret. Additionally, once folded, a tab available for a machine to unfold and automatically count your vote, after signature verification, without human interaction to cut down on fraud.

After all ballots completed, folded and signed, they get placed in a tamper proof envelope, with a bar code for tracking purposes only. Nothing on the bar code to identify party affiliation. Give the Voter ability to scan tamper proof envelope to notify State, ballot on its’ way, with a phone app. Not mandatory, but would aid in locating areas where ballots not delivered in a timely manner. My ballot made it to State agency in 2 days. If a number ballots in my area start taking 5 days, it could raise suspicions for investigation.

Audit each ballot, for completeness or rejection. Determine an acceptable amount of missing completeness per ballot. If it exceeds the allowable percent of missing sections, then Pull ballot for manual inspection, to ensure not a malfunction. Missing sections, when someone doesn’t complete sections for judges, county supervisor, and so on. A rejection should include where someone votes for more than allowable, like President or Representatives. The Voter should be notified. This is problematic, should the entire ballot be rejected and if enough time, allow voter to resubmit? Should only that section of the ballot be rejected? Can Voter be allowed resubmit rejected section? Let each State decide the process.

Another option, is allow people to fill out the ballot at home, and walk into the voting location and feed the ballot themselves into counting machine, obtaining a reference number if no voter id. Walk into a private verification booth, enter the reference number, or voter id number, and review their ballot on screen, and either accept or reject. Of course, this would need some work, because maybe the person is happy just accepting without verifying. If the voter doesn’t like what they see on screen, the ballot must be returned to them and a new ballot issued for getting their vote in.

Of course there are other ideas, our State leaders need to work on a solution now. No matter who is declared the winner somewhere between Nov 3rd and Nov 5th, will end up in court(s). Technology exists for these things. I do like Arizona Alert System, I was notified when Ballot received. Then another notification once my signature was verified. If our State leaders don’t make improvements towards safe and accurate voting, we should elect leaders who will.

People Reform

Once Again, this is just one persons opinion.

Our country seems to be headed for civil war, if you believe the media, main stream, left and right outlets. However, most people I know are good people and only want a common good for everyone. Our ideas differ, which is good, because linear thinking only promotes complacency. Strides are made when ideas are shared, vetted, compromise when necessary and implemented. Then evaluated, modified to work towards the greater good for all. Too much finger pointing and taking sides is killing our ability to act civil and stride towards improvements.

When you find yourself getting angry or upset, take a deep breath, relax your body before continuing. Stop yourself, before you add fuel to the fire and absolutely nothing gets accomplished, except building a wall or triggering the other persons defenses. If you feel you have to win an argument, both of you have already lost.

Remember, we do live in the greatest country on this planet, once again one persons opinion. For those who don’t believe it and feel there isn’t hope, please divorce yourself from a bad situation and move on, for your own health and those dealing with you. However, we don’t live in a perfect society, but as Americans, I was taught to help your fellow man. Every generation has made positive changes, keep in mind, when you are dealing prior generational stereotyping and prejudices, the majority will win eventually. In the meantime, do your part, respect one another. Good will take hold as the majority.

Activism needs to be performed with a conscious effort to be informed. It’s very easy to be emotional when media presents a situation. I don’t want to be specific, but ask yourself, do you have all the facts, do I have enough facts where you feel you can make a stand? If you make a stand, are you mature enough to accept responsibility when the entire situation plays out. I am reminded of when a person is walking down the street towards a van. He notices the van doesn’t have a driver. He attempts to stop it from rolling away and struggles to do so. Continually is losing ground, so he grabs a rock and stuffs it in front of the wheel. The van is now stopped. Happily the man continues on his way. As he passes the back end of the van, 3 men are now struggling to push the van forward. The first man hastily leaves the scene.

I’ve Made Up Mind, Don’t Confuse Me With The Facts. At times, you will need to accept the person as they are. Remind yourself what good qualities that person has and take a moment to understand your relationship and is now a good time to address why you think this person is wrong or stubborn. Then ask yourself, am I 100% right? Is it worth it right now to address it? Refer to the RESPECT Rule, this is another human being and how important is it to address immediately or can it wait or let it go.

Every situation has two sides, whether you feel it is relevant isn’t the only question, because something happened and there was a reaction or series or reactions. Without the facts, you are dealing with a situation on an emotional level. Take a breath and step back again. Getting the details will allow you make a mature decision.

Currently things can become volatile quickly, respect the other person, get the facts and find common ground. Don’t allow yourself to be played or make assumptions. We all want respect and to be treated fairly and equally.

Reports of Hunter Intro of Joe to Burisma

This story is being suppressed by Facebook and Twitter. There is email evidence of Hunter Biden introducing Vice President Joe Biden to executives at Burisma. Here is the NY Post article.

Here is Western Journal article,

Question, why will FB and Twit allow stories from NY Times with an anonymous source yet squash this story? Then claim they are neutral, ah – NO WAY. People need to follow Newsmax and One America News to get some news, not opinion columns.

Nancy Pelosi 25th Amendment

Maybe she was honest, that she wasn’t looking into it, to use against Trump this term. She actually may be ready to use, if Biden is elected. Today, Joe Biden forgot the name of Mitt Romney, here’s a Link,

Then also today, Joe thinks he is running for Senate, not President of United States. This isn’t the first time he has done this.

Please keep in mind, Kamala Harris has already said she will change the 2nd Amendment with Executive Order. She has also stated, she is running on the Harris ticket, um the Harris/Biden ticket. She will also Pack the Supreme Court, even though she has danced around the direct answer.

I know the Trump haters, Orange man bad, will not objectively look at this, but please consider this, once our rights are removed, you will not get them back.

Have you actually read Joe’s website for his Covid 19 plan, it’s the same methodology that is in place. Remember H1N1, that was Joe’s handling, sort of. refer to Link But, after they used government stockpiles of ventilators and PPE, they did not replenish the stock. That is why there was scramble for masks and ventilators when a new virus identified as Corona Virus, later to identified as Covid 19.

If you are concerned about health care and losing it, please do some research, because Trump doesn’t like the high cost, that’s why he wants to repeal and replace. But Nancy Pelosi would not negotiate. Also, look if pre-existing would not be covered. so here

Modifying Medicare, trump wants to eliminate the bloat and over billing. Does that sound bad? refer to this

Economy, just look at this

Yes, if you watch CNN and MSNBC for your political news, Trump is a Bafoon. However, if you do research and look for unedited copy, you will see a different view. Keep in mind, the President does have a sarcastic side to him, such as the bleach and slow the testing down comments.

I won’t even get into what is in Peter Schweizer’s book Profiles in Corruption. but let’s say Chapter 1 is on Kamala Harris, Chapter 2 is Joe Biden, and the book cam out in January of 2020.

Guess it boils down to if you objectively review the promises and what has been accomplished by both candidates. One has been in office for roughly 4 years and never accepted by the opposition while the other has been in politics for 47 years and has a record of raising taxes, including taxing social security. One isn’t as they say, Presidential, the other makes promises that are just that, smoke and mirrors.