Government Spending

Dear Senators Sinema and Kelly,

As a voting Arizonian, please vote NO on the Manchin-Schumer Spending Bill.

I understand this is being sold as a reduction in taxes with Social spending to benefit people living in America.

However, I’ve never noticed money making companies willing to absorb tax increases. It may help in the short term, but shortly, these companies will pass the the increase onto us working people eventually. Whether it’s raising prices, or effecting the employees with lower raises or less in benefits. Worse case is forcing the companies to reduce U.S. lower force and outsource, to make profits. Profits drive stock market and corporate decisions.

While I appreciate the efforts to attract new and growing businesses to Arizona, seems this Bill could actually hurt that growth, with companies questioning growth in the U.S.

Inflation is killing our state and making it more difficult for our State to consider getting tax dollars to improve education and social spending at a local level. Consider, the average salary in Arizona is just over $63,000 annually, which isn’t even half your salary. In fact, 36% of your $175,000 base.

While this Bill will benefit you at the election in short term, it will hurt in the mid to long term. Large businesses work on the global platform, and know how to respond to government demands, to ensure they continue to make money.

Here’s the response I received from Mark Kelly. Is this a response to me or a basic form letter claiming to be a representative, yet doing what “he” wants to do.

I Do Not feel Represented.

California Eliminates College Entrance Standards

While I understand the need to level the playing field for all high school students to enter a higher level of education, but eliminating entrance standards and making it subjective seems counterproductive to the mission of the institution.

I am referring to this

Wouldn’t it be more helpful to set goals for these students and fix the current system that is letting them down. It’s not like this a new problem, the educational system has been letting students down for years, with the aid parents who don’t give a hoot and demographics where education isn’t stressed.

Considering California Budgeted almost $18,000.00 per K – 12 Student. National numbers per census bureau.

Maybe instead of being progressive, let’s actual change the curriculum to useful skills to change the never ending cycle.

Death of Women’s Sports

Title IX, makes it clear that “Women” sports are educational. But wait, if there is no such thing as female, ie a woman, what happens?. History looks at Title IX,

If everyone on the left is chastising others over questioning a Chief Justice, regarding gender and definition, obviously they haven’t thought out the implications. If there isn’t a woman, then there doesn’t need to be fair and equal, because there isn’t a distinction.

Schools will not need to conform to Title IX, keeping their Federal funding and not risk lawsuits. Schools are looking to make cutbacks. There will be non-gender specific teams, anyone can try out. The schools that can afford to keep equal but separate sports programs, will not be in depressed areas.

What about the state level, where they are begging for a way to avoid the transgender and sports issues.

Sorry, not everyone will get a trophy.

Apply Border Policy to Colleges

What if we applied current administration border policies to colleges? Imagine, unregistered students being able to attend classes for free.

Then because they unregistered students need assistance, they are given degrees to help them out. While those who followed the rules, applied for admission, paid their credit hours fees, had to purchase their books, and ultimately had to pass the course.

Then because there is only so much space, the unregistered get to plop their butts in a seat while some of the paying students cannot get into the classroom to attend, take notes and learn. Making it very difficult to pass the course.

How long before paying students quit going to college. Who then pays to keep the schools afloat? What happens to the quality of education, because it won’t matter, they all pass.

How will our businesses succeed using these people? They will look elsewhere for ways to make themselves viable.

Something to think about, a policy that is well intended, yet not viable, is doomed and becomes a virus infecting other parts of the country.

Influenza Deaths Dropped Dramatically

As I was looking through CDC Covid and Flu numbers, something popped out, in 2017 there were 52,000 Flu Deaths and in 2021 a mere 1,073. Appears CDC is not updating this chart any more, but I found the Influenza deaths mixed in with the Covid deaths. Below is how CDC reported Influenza, up until 2020. Why did CDC stop updating the Influenza Charts?
Recapping the Deaths by year

When I looked at Covid Deaths by Year, very surprised by the Influenza Death Column. In 2020, count went down to 8,785 deaths and in 2021 only 1,073. If you think it’s the flu shot, please refer to CDC stance, Flu is virus and cannot be cured, except by Natural Immunity.

Curiosity drove me to look at Covid Deaths and Influenza combined. If you actually read the CDC numbers, they report Covid deaths as a whole of Underlying and Contributing. Simplified, Underlying is not the cause and according to CDC definition, a covid test doesn’t have to be performed, but the appearance of covid, allows death certificate to be coded with covid as underlying. Why would a doctor do this? Research government reimbursement for covid deaths.

Back to the point, if you review Influenza Deaths, combined with Covid deaths adjusted for contributing factor, the numbers are lower than 2017 flu deaths. For 2020 & 2021, taking 10% of 385,484 and 461,112 respectively and displayed in yellow.

Why isn’t this news? Why does the CDC and Media report cases, ie being sick. Why isn’t the Contributing factor death count, reported separately from all causes? Why can’t I find covid deaths coded and separated by vaccinated and not?

This is why many people are skeptical.

Covid Deaths School Age Kids

With all the talk about masking and making kids get the vaccine, I decided to check the CDC website and review deaths by age group. Surprise, as of today, July 24 2021, there have been 401 deaths for 0 to 18 years. 401 deaths since January 2020, that is about a 1.5 years.

Verify here

Yes, 401 deaths in 17 months. I am NOT making light of deaths, but 401 out of approximately 74 Million? That’s 0.00005%.

Why does the media and CDC keep reporting accumulative numbers versus annual or seasonal numbers? That is how they usually report illness and deaths. Also, why do they include “underlying” conditions whereas the norm is reporting “contributing”. Overall deaths now becomes very hazzy when CDC labels 10% of the reported deaths Covid contributed to the death.

Verifiable at

Now if you look at Influenza illness and deaths, flu season for 2018 – 2019 there were 34,000 reported deaths. Compare 1st year of Covid “contributing” deaths would be 38,500. Even more interesting, there were 61,000 deaths from influenza in 2017-2018. Did we lockdown or make masks mandatory?

Verify at

Let’s dive deeper into Influenza history, CDC is reporting for calendar year 2021, Influenza deaths at 408. That’s all age groups. For 2020, influenza deaths down to 8,790.

Verify at

Appears “Mandatory” masks and vaccine and passports isn’t necessary. Our young may actually have the answer to beating this variant, or maybe our natural ability to build antibodies will prevail again.

So do some research and make up your own mind when it comes to #Covid , #Covid19, #Vaccine. Not sure why this isn’t being presented to the public. What you say #foxnews, #ABCnews, #NBCnews, #CBSnews. I know why #CNN and #MSNBC won’t report, they are afraid their business will die when people think for themselves.

Fair and Free Elections

Why is this such a hot point and divides people? Wouldn’t common sense dictate we only allow American citizens the right to vote.

Think we can all agree, a person is allowed one vote, in their registered area.

Next counting votes, all voting precincts must count legitimate votes per candidate and report to the state. The states must report and post how many registered voters per precinct and the number of votes per candidate. If a machine is used to expedite counting, a physical count must be performed, to ensure accuracy. This would make it very easy to understand if the grand total numbers are a result of actual votes with no machine or software errors. Current audit standards are controlled by states and most only do no more than 2% of precincts, which should be called a sampling, not an audit. NCSL website on audits,

Only votes received day of, or prior to election day can be counted. As responsible adults, this can be accomplished.

Observers for each party on the ballot, must be allowed to witness in detail, any action a poll worker is performing. Correcting ballots, not allowed. Once again, voting should be performed by responsible adults.

No counts released until all precincts in that state verify they are ready to release their counts.

Precincts should recount the paper ballots, standard audit process, with observers. At the polling place each person should sign a paper ballot that is used for counting/auditing. Allows signature verification if there is an issue. The precinct audit then verifies the actual local counts. Instead of the ballots moving to central location, why cannot the auditors move from precinct to precinct? Lock ballots up with seals to eliminate tampering.

Seems the current method of collecting and counting ballots is a poor design, with no real clear audit trails. Until this system is fixed, there will always be cries of cheating and only an impetus for division. This may not be an end all solution, but if this is the basis, with improvements, we can ensure honest and fair elections.

Covid Deaths

The numbers are staggering, or are they? Today the numbers of deaths shown as 478,912. Wow !! But wait, read the description. 91% estimated having an underlying cause of Covid. So, these deaths tested positive with Covid when death occurred. Now consider that a positive test only proves “most likely” you have Covid. Yes, both sides of the argument can find supporting documents, so always read with a critical mind, not one of looking to win an argument. Examples below, bottom of page. What is underlying? We’ve all heard stories of people dying and tested positive for covid, so it’s a covid death. Falling off a ladder, car crash and waiting for a transplant coded as covid deaths.

This graphic from CDC website, , numbers reported as 0f Feb 20. What caught my eye, 9% listed with covid as contributing cause of death.

Calculate 9% of 478,912 = 43,102. Still a big number, and close to Influenza in prior years. CDC website, guidance for reporting numbers, scroll to the part about cause of death and covid 19. My interpretation is, 9% as the overarching number of covid deaths, officially.

Also on the Covid Mortality Overview, scroll down to the Comorbidities and review the numbers reported by type. Influenza and Pneumonia is #1. But what came first, covid or pneumonia? That would be huge to know.

Death Rate is roughly .0179% of all cases as of today’s data released. So why does the media hype the numbers of people getting sick?

Why are Influenza numbers way down? Open this CDC page and review the seasonal flu cases. Make sure you change the slider above graphs to compare the year to date equally.

Influenza Deaths according to CDC for season 2018-2019 was 34,157. CDC website Flu Season numbers start in October.

CDC stance on Flu activity “While seasonal influenza (flu) viruses are detected year-round in the United States, flu viruses are most common during the fall and winter. The exact timing and duration of flu seasons can vary, but influenza activity often begins to increase in October. Most of the time flu activity peaks between December and February, although activity can last as late as May.”

Is this the Flu or something else? In the beginning, we were told this is a form of Influenza, but much more deadly. Seems to following that initial description as to type. What is the REAL death rate? Herein lies real question and obviously, depending on your viewpoint, it is much deadlier, basically half a million reported or slightly more than Influenza or the same if you want to only count causal and not include bonehead moves by some governors, putting sick people in nursing homes.

Wish they would publish the number of deaths caused by covid hype and shutdowns. Too many stories of deaths while waiting for transplants and deaths caused because people couldn’t get treatments, such dialysis.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and that should be respected. This is how I am looking at the all hype and see it. Maybe you agree or disagree, but please be critical of the media hype and be diligent on how and who you accept information from, including me, nobody as all the answers. Collectively, though, we may see through the BS.

Examples of supporting Covid Testing accuracy. All depends on your opinion and open mindedness as to how you interpret the articles.

Lady Gaga dogs Stolen

How tragic, that someone shot the dog walker. In her grief she is offering $500,000.00 for the return of the dogs. Oh, by the way ZERO Dollars for information on who shot the dog walker. Tells what she thinks of others.

Bet she gets an armed guard for the dogs, and makes the dog walker sign a release of liability.