Covid Deaths

The numbers are staggering, or are they? Today the numbers of deaths shown as 478,912. Wow !! But wait, read the description. 91% estimated having an underlying cause of Covid. So, these deaths tested positive with Covid when death occurred. Now consider that a positive test only proves “most likely” you have Covid. Yes, both sides of the argument can find supporting documents, so always read with a critical mind, not one of looking to win an argument. Examples below, bottom of page. What is underlying? We’ve all heard stories of people dying and tested positive for covid, so it’s a covid death. Falling off a ladder, car crash and waiting for a transplant coded as covid deaths.

This graphic from CDC website, , numbers reported as 0f Feb 20. What caught my eye, 9% listed with covid as contributing cause of death.

Calculate 9% of 478,912 = 43,102. Still a big number, and close to Influenza in prior years. CDC website, guidance for reporting numbers, scroll to the part about cause of death and covid 19. My interpretation is, 9% as the overarching number of covid deaths, officially.

Also on the Covid Mortality Overview, scroll down to the Comorbidities and review the numbers reported by type. Influenza and Pneumonia is #1. But what came first, covid or pneumonia? That would be huge to know.

Death Rate is roughly .0179% of all cases as of today’s data released. So why does the media hype the numbers of people getting sick?

Why are Influenza numbers way down? Open this CDC page and review the seasonal flu cases. Make sure you change the slider above graphs to compare the year to date equally.

Influenza Deaths according to CDC for season 2018-2019 was 34,157. CDC website Flu Season numbers start in October.

CDC stance on Flu activity “While seasonal influenza (flu) viruses are detected year-round in the United States, flu viruses are most common during the fall and winter. The exact timing and duration of flu seasons can vary, but influenza activity often begins to increase in October. Most of the time flu activity peaks between December and February, although activity can last as late as May.”

Is this the Flu or something else? In the beginning, we were told this is a form of Influenza, but much more deadly. Seems to following that initial description as to type. What is the REAL death rate? Herein lies real question and obviously, depending on your viewpoint, it is much deadlier, basically half a million reported or slightly more than Influenza or the same if you want to only count causal and not include bonehead moves by some governors, putting sick people in nursing homes.

Wish they would publish the number of deaths caused by covid hype and shutdowns. Too many stories of deaths while waiting for transplants and deaths caused because people couldn’t get treatments, such dialysis.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and that should be respected. This is how I am looking at the all hype and see it. Maybe you agree or disagree, but please be critical of the media hype and be diligent on how and who you accept information from, including me, nobody as all the answers. Collectively, though, we may see through the BS.

Examples of supporting Covid Testing accuracy. All depends on your opinion and open mindedness as to how you interpret the articles.

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