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Dear Senators Sinema and Kelly,

As a voting Arizonian, please vote NO on the Manchin-Schumer Spending Bill.

I understand this is being sold as a reduction in taxes with Social spending to benefit people living in America.

However, I’ve never noticed money making companies willing to absorb tax increases. It may help in the short term, but shortly, these companies will pass the the increase onto us working people eventually. Whether it’s raising prices, or effecting the employees with lower raises or less in benefits. Worse case is forcing the companies to reduce U.S. lower force and outsource, to make profits. Profits drive stock market and corporate decisions.

While I appreciate the efforts to attract new and growing businesses to Arizona, seems this Bill could actually hurt that growth, with companies questioning growth in the U.S.

Inflation is killing our state and making it more difficult for our State to consider getting tax dollars to improve education and social spending at a local level. Consider, the average salary in Arizona is just over $63,000 annually, which isn’t even half your salary. In fact, 36% of your $175,000 base.

While this Bill will benefit you at the election in short term, it will hurt in the mid to long term. Large businesses work on the global platform, and know how to respond to government demands, to ensure they continue to make money.

Here’s the response I received from Mark Kelly. Is this a response to me or a basic form letter claiming to be a representative, yet doing what “he” wants to do.

I Do Not feel Represented.

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