Death of Women’s Sports

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Title IX, makes it clear that “Women” sports are educational. But wait, if there is no such thing as female, ie a woman, what happens?. History looks at Title IX,

If everyone on the left is chastising others over questioning a Chief Justice, regarding gender and definition, obviously they haven’t thought out the implications. If there isn’t a woman, then there doesn’t need to be fair and equal, because there isn’t a distinction.

Schools will not need to conform to Title IX, keeping their Federal funding and not risk lawsuits. Schools are looking to make cutbacks. There will be non-gender specific teams, anyone can try out. The schools that can afford to keep equal but separate sports programs, will not be in depressed areas.

What about the state level, where they are begging for a way to avoid the transgender and sports issues.

Sorry, not everyone will get a trophy.

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