Apply Border Policy to Colleges

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What if we applied current administration border policies to colleges? Imagine, unregistered students being able to attend classes for free.

Then because they unregistered students need assistance, they are given degrees to help them out. While those who followed the rules, applied for admission, paid their credit hours fees, had to purchase their books, and ultimately had to pass the course.

Then because there is only so much space, the unregistered get to plop their butts in a seat while some of the paying students cannot get into the classroom to attend, take notes and learn. Making it very difficult to pass the course.

How long before paying students quit going to college. Who then pays to keep the schools afloat? What happens to the quality of education, because it won’t matter, they all pass.

How will our businesses succeed using these people? They will look elsewhere for ways to make themselves viable.

Something to think about, a policy that is well intended, yet not viable, is doomed and becomes a virus infecting other parts of the country.

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