Nancy Pelosi 25th Amendment

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Maybe she was honest, that she wasn’t looking into it, to use against Trump this term. She actually may be ready to use, if Biden is elected. Today, Joe Biden forgot the name of Mitt Romney, here’s a Link,

Then also today, Joe thinks he is running for Senate, not President of United States. This isn’t the first time he has done this.

Please keep in mind, Kamala Harris has already said she will change the 2nd Amendment with Executive Order. She has also stated, she is running on the Harris ticket, um the Harris/Biden ticket. She will also Pack the Supreme Court, even though she has danced around the direct answer.

I know the Trump haters, Orange man bad, will not objectively look at this, but please consider this, once our rights are removed, you will not get them back.

Have you actually read Joe’s website for his Covid 19 plan, it’s the same methodology that is in place. Remember H1N1, that was Joe’s handling, sort of. refer to Link But, after they used government stockpiles of ventilators and PPE, they did not replenish the stock. That is why there was scramble for masks and ventilators when a new virus identified as Corona Virus, later to identified as Covid 19.

If you are concerned about health care and losing it, please do some research, because Trump doesn’t like the high cost, that’s why he wants to repeal and replace. But Nancy Pelosi would not negotiate. Also, look if pre-existing would not be covered. so here

Modifying Medicare, trump wants to eliminate the bloat and over billing. Does that sound bad? refer to this

Economy, just look at this

Yes, if you watch CNN and MSNBC for your political news, Trump is a Bafoon. However, if you do research and look for unedited copy, you will see a different view. Keep in mind, the President does have a sarcastic side to him, such as the bleach and slow the testing down comments.

I won’t even get into what is in Peter Schweizer’s book Profiles in Corruption. but let’s say Chapter 1 is on Kamala Harris, Chapter 2 is Joe Biden, and the book cam out in January of 2020.

Guess it boils down to if you objectively review the promises and what has been accomplished by both candidates. One has been in office for roughly 4 years and never accepted by the opposition while the other has been in politics for 47 years and has a record of raising taxes, including taxing social security. One isn’t as they say, Presidential, the other makes promises that are just that, smoke and mirrors.

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